Evening Ladies and Gents

After several months of reading Eve blogs, I’ve finally decided to start my own. As the title suggests, I am quite fond of alcohol, especially while in fleet. This adds some problems, but really multiplies the enjoyment factor. Here’s an example: After several glasses of a 2003 Hess Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, I decided to head over to Jita to grab myself a new cruiser. In the end I decided not to buy the ship for various reasons, so I headed back to Aldrat. After seeing the 24 jumps that it would take, I switched my route to “take shortest” instead of safest. Once I jumped into Rancer, I saw a gate camp of 10+ ships. As soon as I began to warp to the next gate, I was targeted, scrammed, webbed, nossed, and killed. I was impressed that all this took place in less than 5 seconds. Once I escaped in my pod and made my way into High Sec, I convo’d the person who received my KM, Liiza Valora. I asked, quite politely, if the person that targeted me was using sensor boosters and what their higher skills were. The reply was:

“you belong to E-uni right?”

“yes, I do”

“I hate E-uni, I mean hate.”


“so that means I’m not going to answer your question. Go play WOW or something”

Now, I’m all for getting into a game and all, but why be an asshole. Or rather, why be a childish asshole?”Go play WoW or something”? Really? That’s the best insult that could be mustered? As a person that has a RL, I just was astounded at the profound nerdiness of that insult. As if being told “go play WoW” should mean a flying fuck to me. Needless to say, ol’ Liiza is now a terrible standing contact who I will seek to fuck up for the rest of my Eve career. Liiza if you read this, please go gently fuck yourself. Cheers all!

  1. Aloha!

    Personally I like EVE University alot, so hopefully I can help make up for some of the hate. I am also a big fan of good conversation in EVE and would have been pretty startled by the message you got.

    I just wanted to tell you that I read your blog and like it. Hope you keep writing!

    • Jokine said:

      Thanks! I appreciate the quick comment!

  2. mikeazariah said:

    I woulda asked WHY he hated Eve-uni. Was it a dislike of education or did they turn him down for lessons?


    • Jokine said:

      I didn’t have chance to ask anything. The douchebag closed out the convo and I decided it wasn’t worth my time. Thanks for the comment!

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