The Necessity of Boredom

Last night was rather uneventful despite finally caving and purchasing a Rupture. I spent most of the evening sipping that 03′ Hess Cab that I mentioned in the last post and studying various PVE and PVP fits for the rupture. I like the versatility of the rupture as a 10k frig/destroyer killer and a 70k arty boat. While playing around with various fittings, I realized that I need to train my cap skills to higher levels. Most relevant skills are at III right now as I’ve mainly been hitting the gunnery and  skills like crazy. Anyway, once I finally found a few fits that I really liked, I made the 26 jump trip over to Airaken. I did that dirty NPC grind with Sisters of Eve for a few missions before getting obscenely bored. A cruiser is a bit of over kill for lvl 1 bullshit.

After spending the majority of my time in PVP roams, PVE just seems very… impersonal. I would much rather get my ass handed to me by another person than pew pew loads of Angel Cartel guys, but I need some cash and really want to be able to initiate higher level missions. A lot of new guys in Eve Uni are a bit daunted by PVP roams and run to the safety of missions, so I’d like to be able to take some newbies on high level missions in order to work on fleet commands. The end goal is to prepare the fresh meat for slaughter in some Friday Night Drunk Fleet.

Like most people that play Eve, I certainly find the social aspect to be the best part. I am amazed at how warm most people are in the game. By warm I don’t necessarily mean that they are nice, etc. but that nearly anyone will accept a convo invite. Maybe that’s the curiosity of human nature taking over, who knows? Regardless, if the community within Eve didn’t exist, the game would certainly not be worth my $15 a month.


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