Drinking Lincoln's Birthplace

Sippy Sippy Mr. Lincoln

Well, I picked me up some Knobb Creek for my sipping pleasure. I usually go with Maker’s Mark as I find it to be a bit smoother, but I wanted something more peppery. hence Knobb Creek in my glass.

Last night started off a bit lame as I was still grinding out some stupid SOE missions. I just got up to level 2’s and have been running those. I ran into some mission last night that loaded improperly. It stacked three warp gates on top of each other and you just had to keep warping in order to arrive at the engagement area. Dumb. After grinding the stupid, my buddy RobTex jumped online and we hit up some high quality level 2’s. We got stuck on one for a long time that was kicking our asses. We’d warp to a star gate then into the next room. Upon entering the next room, one of us would have our sensors jammed and the other would try to take down the jammer. The guy that wasn’t being jammed could only do 15 dps. We would both get pummeled, taking upwards of 150 dps. We warped in and out probably 6 times before I called through some channels for help from a friend in a PVE Drake. He was 10 jumps away and said that he wouldn’t mind helping so he starts over to us. Right about the time he’s one system over, Rob reads the mission details and sees that we just need to run the blockade and get to another warp gate that is  about 25km from warp in point. Lol, we be dumbasses. So right about the time my help gets in system, we turn the mish in. We invited him to join us for another mish since he came all that way. He obliged and we obliterated the next one.

Rob logs for the night, so I join up with Kom for some level 4’s. Needless to say they are significantly more difficult, but the payout is certainly worth it. We made 4.5mil in about an hour and a half. He would  basically warp in, get all the aggro and then let me come in and steal all the cap and pew pew up close. It worked quite well. I had to log before he turned the mish in so he just gave me half the reward in advance. Stand up guy he is.


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