Swish Swish Mishy Mish.

Another brief night last night. I was logged in on and off for the better part of two hours. I was really hoping to catch a fleet but none formed up when I was on, so it was back to watching The Wire and paying attention to my neat whiskey. Eventually, I decided to go ahead and make some iskies. In my usualy lazy fashion, I bounced from roid to roid blasting some low level rats in my little Rifter. After a couple go arounds, I became extremely bored and thought “hey, I think I have access to a level 2 MMC agent around here”. Off I go to Himboko or something like that (its one jump from Aldrat) and sure enough found said agent. I jumped into deadspace and found myself confronted with 10 frigs, 6 destroyers, and one large transport. The frigs were taken down no prob, but the destroyers were much more difficult for my little armor/speed tanked frig. It didn’t help the they all stuck together too so that eliminated the option of picking the bastards off one by one. After 3 or 4 times of warping out with very little armor remaining, I finally grabbed the OBJ and headed back to station where I docked for the night.

The last two nights have been incredibly dull because I’ve had relatively no human interaction beyond the occasional piping in to a convo. I am amazed at how this game is so community based. I can’t imagine people stick with the game very long without a corp. I know I’ve quit several times because I haven’t found a corp or when I did, it was almost inactive. Lesson learned: We all need each other.


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