Damn The Routers!

During my lunch break today, I thought that I would log in and complete a measly lvl 2 mish. No biggie right? I’m in a Rupture and most of the NPC’s are in frigs and destroyers. I usually would have kicked their asses except that I got stuck in a netherworld of lag. My client wouldn’t respond to anything, hell EVE wouldn’t even close down. So I finally Force Quit that bitch and restart the client. What do I see upon login? Pod. Motherfuckin’ pod. Somehow my Rupture got brought down and I was unable to do a thing. Fortunately, it was insured so it wasn’t a huge loss or anything.
I warp back to ‘drat and go to a station that houses most of my ships and click dock. And wait. So I click it again, nothin. I waited 5 minutes before exiting the client and getting back in. Same thing, stuck outside the station, waiting to dock. Sumbitch I’m pissed. I know that its most likely something on my end, but since I pirate my neighbors net there isn’t much I can do. End bitching and get my own interwebz. 😀


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