Solar Radiation

I think that radiation is one of my favorite things about the Sun. I spent most of the 4th of July weekend in a swimming pool reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson which is quite an entertaining read. Even though I was soaking up slightly diluted radiation, I managed to get myself a bit sunburned. I look forward to my skin turning golden brown in a few days as a result.

Logged back into EVE last night to check my skill queue. I’d actually forgot what I was training (learning lvl V) and was worried that the queue was empty. Fortunately, I have 5 days left on the training. My annoyance level grew faster than my learning level as I kept getting a “socket closed” error. I’ve been receiving this message more often as of late. I think my neighbor needs to reset his router (I gank his wifi).  My client/router finally chilled out and let me stay logged in. RobTex convoed me and asked if I was up to help out on a mish. I’m always up for flying with someone else, so me and the ol’ Rupture rolled out (cue luda). Had a good time doing some lvl 3 missions and then we parted ways as the evening waned. I finished up a lvl 2 of my own and then logged for the evening. I made somewhere around 2 mil in the hour and a half I was on. Not awful.

I am getting tired of missions though.  For a long while I was doing fleets with the Uni about every night. We rarely found a fight, but even low-sec roaming is better than missioning. I think that the main thing holding me back from jumping at every fleet announcement is a desire to help Rob out. He’s a newer player than I and doesn’t know anyone else in game. I remember how much Eve sucks without the social aspect to it, so I try to hang with him as often as possible. He’s in the E-Uni queue right now though, so hopefully he can join me in the PVP adventures soon. He’s worried about joining a corp as his impression of a corp is somewhat ominous. He thinks that all corps expect regular login times, homogeneity, and a general rigidness. I tried to allay his fears by informing him that during peace time the Uni allows a ton of freedom to pursuit individual interests and that there is almost no pressure to log in. That seemed to make him feel a bit better. Here’s to Rob join the Uni sometime soon and learning far more than I can pass along!


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