Scratching Ze Head

Last night I logged on to fit my destroyer for some frigate killing fun. I threw some 260 Arties on it with sensor boosters and some tracking rigs thinking that I would blast some lvl 2 NPC’s from like 30km out. I was completely wrong. I jumped into an L2Q3 mission that was a simple search and destroy mission. There were 10 or so “Merlin” frigs that appeared and I wasn’t too afeared as I have gunnery level 5 and several other support skills. The flaw in my thinking was that I am only a level 2 in Arty skills. Hmmm…. Needless to say, I got pounded from 20km by the merlin’s missiles while completely missing with my guns. I warped out and decided to just jump into the stabber that I’ve got since it’s tank significantly higher. It’s fit with 220 AC’s so it shouldn’t be a problem right? (My medium AC skills are level 4) Anyway, I got blasted in that too! I could only chuckle at how pathetic it was. I never got into structure, but I didn’t kill any of them.

After my mission fail, I joined a E-Uni class on tackling. I listened to all of the “lecture” section, before jetting the class. I didn’t really learn anything that I didn’t know already, but I never felt like it was a waste of time. I need some PVP. Need it.


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