Time, Time, Who Has The Time?

Well I finally quite my carebearing ways last night in favor of joinng a low-sec roam that was partaking around 9 pm my time. We all got fleeted up  and were pretty excited as there were reports of yarrbears around in several close systems.  Our FC was relatively new, but we had several very experienced WC’s and SC’s (although our most experienced was high as a fuckin kite and the other has the strongest hillbilly accent making TS comms a little difficult). We moved out and immediately had various people getting DC’d. I’m not sure how so many routers in the fleet had problems, lol. 29 jumps later, we are in the Eha area. Scouts reported several pirates in the area, so we immediately tried to get some yummy baits in system for them to try to munch on.

Side note: Our large fleet was sitting 2-3 jumps out of Eha. I was thinking that by the time the fleet got into Eha to save our bait pilot, he’d probably be poof in his nice new Railrannis. On the other hand, if we sit on the Eha gate, then it would be easy for the pirate to be alerted to the large OGC. Any thoughts from readers? Is the risk of being found, but being able to jump in system quickly greater than the risk of losing the bait pilot(s) but keeping the whole fleet hidden?

Back on topic: The pirates were most likely alts of two guys and it appeared that they were just ratting. They had zero interest in the bait. In fact they docked up and logged after a bit, (which led us to believe that they alts). By this time we had been in fleet for the better part of 3 hours with no bites. RL calls awfully early in the morning for most of us, so pilots started dropping fleet. I was one of them as I had to be in the gym in 8 hours. I was quite disappointed that I didn’t get any pewpew in, but I guess it goes that way. Having fleet members sing (a little drunk albeit) of TS was definitely entertaining. I’m thinking that I might try to gather a small gang of 8-10 and try FCing myself. The idea of being responsible for 30+ pilots does not sound appealing at this point. Maybe once I’m running an Assault Frig it will be.

Side note #2: Learning lvl 5 will be complete tomorrow. I’m thinking that I finish all of my frig support skills and then head down the assault frig path.


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