Everybody's Working For The Weekend…

Well, it’s the weekend. As much as I desire to be lost in EVE, I’m headed to Chicago for some RL R&R and to get a new tv aka monitor for internet space ships.

Review of last night’s activities: I was pretty tired from a 10 hour work day, so when I logged it was really with the plan of training Small AC’s to level V and the logging off again. As soon as I jumped in though, and unscheduled class on spider tanking was starting up. Since I have very limited experience with spider tanking, I listened to the class while completing some mundane level 2 mission. The class was informative and I learned quite a few. It actually made me want to train for Ewar. I really like the idea of logistic cruisers in general, so much so, that I almost wish that I were Caldari or Gallente. Hmmm… time to get a second account? Or start a trial on in the very least. (Not sure if my poor MBP could handle having two eve clients up at the same time since one client uses 70% of my avail RAM. Time to upgrade the ol’ RAM then?)

Everyone have a nice weekend. I’ll have an update come Monday or maybe Tuesday. Fly safe, dangerous, drunk, and/or naked.

Side note: Just got my first bottle of Johnny Walker Black label last night. Yum.


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