Am I Seeing Double?

The weekend treated me well. I picked up a 27″ HDTV as a second monitor for the MBP. Its awfully pretty. 😀 Over the weekend, I decided to grab a second EVE account just to experience a different perspective (mainly through Caldari eyes) and it has been interesting. I’ve forgotten how much I hate missioning and just how cold and lonely EVE can be. I think that my main will send the alt some starter funds, that newb ship (ibis) is just painful to fly.

The advantages of an alt are incredibly plentiful. For example: I can now either train mining or industry or PI or any number or carebear activities to suppliment my main’s aspirations of doing the dirty work around the universe. On the other hand, I can alway shift my main to training mostly corp related skills and then run my own corp while having the alt play some nasty pirate fun. Hmmm…. thoughts anyone?


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