Drat… Foiled Again

So my router is incompatable with dd-wrt which sucks. Port forwarding is a bitch with my firmware for whatever reason. Disappointment. 😦

Last night I ran some high lvl 3’s with RobTex again. He is one helluva gracious pilot. We’re doing one of those stupid “burn to the gate as fast as you can” missions and we’re both getting blasted. He’s armor tanked and I’ve just got resists (although the wrong ones for that mish), we jump through the gate into the last room, but I jump before him and get aggroed. I’m in the room for about 2 minutes before having to warp out due to being down into hull (only had 15% left). Rob finishes the mish and still splits the goods with me. As he says “Isk comes and goes”. Good man he is. Nice to fly with him.

The rest of my evening was spent with my alt mining  and playing MW2. Those two go together mighty well. 😀 I used Eve Voice for the first time last night and was surprised by the quality, everyone sounded very clear. I’m working on all the learning skills with my alt right now trying to get into a cruiser. She-who-must-not-be-mentioned will kill me when she sees that I have two Eve accounts.

  1. I’m very fortunate, I’ve had two Eve accounts for about 8 months, and my better half still lets me live.

    • Jokine said:

      I’m hoping that she’ll respong the same way. 😀

  2. Karanta said:

    My better half is actually suggesting we’d get a third account together (I have one and she has one) Her motivation is ofcourse to have more char slots, mine would be dualboxing 🙂

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