The Uni got wardecced. This the first one in quiet a while. Here’s the evegate profile. I feel bad for them as they only have three members and one is clearly an alt. I’ve been scratching my head as to why people wardec Eve Uni. The iskies never pay out in the deccers favor since the noobs only fly T1 shit that is cheaply replaced. The higher SP players fly the nasties to act as juicy WT and the new unistas being tacklers and low isk fit DDs. The only problem is that war results in a lot of station spinning if you are logged in at the wrong time.  This is the first wardec in almost a month which seems like some sort of record.

With that said, I definitely kept missing fleet calls last night, so I ended up switching to my alt and mining while making the reception playlist for my wedding. Needless to say it was a rather slow night, but was made rather enjoyable through some humorous chat and Knobb Creek. Yum.

As an aside, Prometheus has written a great post about bombing runs. Go check it out!


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