Bumpin' And Grindin'

I spent nearly all of my Sunday in my alt. I did this because it seemed that everytime I switched to my main, a fleet had just been called and I had missed the boat. When I was logged in as my main, I spent most of my time working out the quickest way into Covert Ops and Assault Frigs. Best I can figure it, I’m about a week and a half from CO and 2 weeks from AF’s. This is just so I can get into the hulls, secondary and tertiary skills are not counted. However, I did just train small AC skill to V which grants me T2 AC’s. That will be my first access to a T2 weapon. There’s something hugely satisfying about reaching T2, you feel… adequate.

Once I got bored playing with skill plans, I logged into my alt and started mining away. I got my cruiser skill trained and got into an Osprey and then trained Indy ships. So now I’m able to pull the ol’ jetcan method of mining. I made about 3 mil total over 4 hours of mining. Not turrible turrible or anything, but I’m definitely getting into mining barges ASAP. IIRC, I should be in a Retriever by the middle of the week. I really need to figure out if my MBP can run two clients at the same time (functionally that is) so that I can use my main to haul/protect my alt.

I’m struggling with finding an adequate corp for my alt. Eve-Uni has been a great corp for my main, making comparisons to other corps rather difficult. I’ve had great people to fly with, fantastic training, and great corp perks (ship replacement, free skill books, etc) so finding something that is similar is proving difficult. If you guys have any suggestions let me know. The recruitment channel in game is not much help since its flooded with 1 & 2 man corps that will probably fall apart in a month’s time.


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