Quick Play

Last night was a rather short session as I had RL things to do, but I still managed to make a couple mil ISK. Again, I was in my alt playing carebear while multitasking (aka mixing a cocktail). It was a rather slow evening of play, but the chat channels were rather entertaining. In other news, I just trained science to level IV and am now training astrogeology I-IV. It should be completed on Friday which means I am in a mining barge by Saturday.

I’m growing frustrated with looking for a corp for my alt. Since he’s so new (> 1 mil SP) most corps won’t accept him. Even mining corps won’t accept him which seems odd as mining is much easier to train for than most other careers. Actually I’m quite surprised that I’m in a cruiser already. Jokine took over a month to get into cruisers since you have to train so many more support skills. Shoot, he’s still training T2 frig mods. The recruitment channel seems like some bizarre online version of propositioning; people putting out brief ads again and again and again.

In other news, our war ends in a little under 6 hours. That’s nice for me since a return to normalcy will be nice. To be honest, I’m quite ready to leave E-Uni. This last war left a rather poor taste in my mouth for the leadership in the ILN. The battlegroup that I’m a part of never has its operations when in the allotted time frames, so I rarely get to participate in fleet ops. I suppose that’s alright as I’d rather do small gang stuff. I had an interesting debate with a guy last night who claimed that E-Uni doesn’t teach PVP. I disagreed, saying that I’d learned quite a few things about PVP, albeit in the realm of small gang and fleet warfare. He discounted it, pointing out that small gang and fleet are not the same as solo PVP.


I relented though, finally ceding that E-Uni doesn’t teach all there is to know about PVP and that they do not have PVP “classes”. I would still uphold that 90% of the classes in the UNI relate to PVP in one way or another. For example, if you don’t know how to figure out the best range to use various weapons/ammo at, how can you max your dps? Sure you could play trial and error for 3 months in an e-war boat or you could take a class on it and be way ahead of the game. This dude had been playing for over 2 years, so he of course knew more than I did, however, I guarantee that I know more than him (read: my dick is bigger) than he did as a 1 1/2 month old player.

Since its morning, my mind is a bit slow. Have a nice day all!


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