Moving Day

Yesterday was moving day for my alt. The systems that he had been mining in (the young Caldari carebear systems) were almost completely mined out by Hulks. The search for a new system to mine in is on. I’ve been thinking about somewhere either higher low-sec or lower hi-sec. My number 1 problem with my alt is not having a corp for protection etc. Mining solo is pretty stupid as a young pilot. Oh decisions decisions. Here’s a for certain though: I must get into a larger indy if I am going to be transporting ships across the universe.

As I have found that training for Cov Ops is right in line with training for Assault Frigs, I have started training electronics V today. Once I have that trained, I am into Cov Ops hulls and then support skills, oh lovely support skills. Its little sad when you rejoice in skills that train faster than 6 days. Speaking training times, I just realized that Jokine only has 3 learning skills trained to level 4. That should be remedied. Remedied quickly.


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