Small Annoyances

I am a relatively patient person. When a situation is not ideal, I can usually grin and bear it without any outward expression of exasperation. However, there are a few things that make me scream dirty words like a baby looking for a tit. Eve Online can be one of those things.

I logged on last night with the intention of just keeping my queue current, but RobTex foiled my plans by convoing me. We exchanged pleasantries as our playing times hadn’t coincided well at all in the last week and then he persuaded (read: I offered) me to join in on some SOE L4Q17 missions. I was short on iskies so the bounties sounded awful yummy to me (there weren’t great, something akin to 500k per). As we’re chatting back and forth in fleet, he comes up with the brilliant idea to use EVE Voice to save our poor fingers from typing so much. The problem came when Eve Voice kept logging me out of the voice chat every 10 to 15 minutes even though we were using it the whole time. I became quite irked as I missed many of Rob’s calls for primary. I am fairly certain that it’s a glitch for the mac client as this never happens on my XP partition (same computer). I guess that I’ll just have to start playing in XP consistently, that’s annoying.

On the plus side, we came out almost 5 mil ahead at the end of the mission. I’m slowly inching my way towards that covy ops frig. Oh boy oh boy. Cloaking III should be finished training sometime on Friday and then cloaking IV gets you a covy ops generator. Oh boy oh boy.

Sidenote: I picked up Starcraft 2 last night. I’m very excite, but it’s been downloading since about 1 am and says that the estimated end time is 12 hours away. That makes no sense for a file that is about 6gb when my cable internet download speed is 20gb a second. I also have ports forwarded and it doesn’t appear that my ISP throttles downloading (I checked with some google app). Any body else (who purchased a digital copy) having this issue?


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