Bringin ’88 Back

Rixx Javix over at Eveoganda has got me thinking about this “Gooder Eve” that he is proposing. The post that got me was about The Chameleon Module that would basically change the appearance of your ship type. It’s a great idea and I would like to add to the original thought a bit.

I was reading about the Hognose snake and how it plays dead when predators are around, cool snake right? Well, the principle could easily apply in Eve. What if this Chameleon Module or some similar mod could make you ship appear to be empty or even heavily injured (complete with smoke and flames out the hull)? What if the Chameleon mod was also a gang mod and you could make your entire fleet appear to be empty or heavily damaged? This could make ambushes way more interesting. A small part of me desires this mod to combat piracy. Pirates tend to be a cocky bunch of bastards, only preying on the weak and infirmed. Hell, I read about some pirates that bragged about taking down some brand news that were mining. How amazing would it be to go to a lowsec system that has a known large pirate presence and bait them with some tasty damaged cruisers or BS’s and then…. SUPWISE!!! RRBS with full life! Tasty pirates 😀 (insert slurping noise). So that’s my addition to the Chameleon Mod.

edit: Indianapolis just started receiving New Holland Brewing Company beers. That is an excellent day for me. On top of that a sixer of Mad Hatter IPA is only 9.99 which is pretty good for a rather juicy IPA.


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