I Equalz Fail

Part of this issue of being a lush in space is… being a lush… in space. Yesterday I’m playing with Rob and we’re kinda missioning, kinda waiting for a friend of his to jump on and I think “Self, you need a beer”. So I go to my frig and open up a growler of Upland Brewing Company’s Dragonfly IPA. Tastes delicious. Apparently 4 pints of it tasted delicious and apparently I fell asleep playing, or docked rather. In short, I kinda disappeared on Rob. I feel pretty bad actually. From now on, no more afternoon drinking. On second thought, no more afternoon drunkenness.

On a more Eve related subject, I got into a mining barge with my alt and have found it far easier to mine with, but still boring as hell. Oh well such is a miner’s life. I’m also all trained up for Covey Ops and a corp mate gifted me 40m iskies to buy the shiny. Such generousity took me aback a bit. Tonight, I shall purchase a cheetah me thinks and fly around all quiet like. Hehe…


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