It’s A Twista! It’s A Twista!

I jumped on yesterday in hopes of grabbing a covert ops ship and doing some hi-sec scanning practice. My plans were disturbed by some conversation in the command chat channel that was quite funny. I got even more distracted when I started playing Fifa 10 on the ol’ Xbox, however I managed to refocus my attention on Eve once Rob convoed me. He was informing me of the events that took place during my drunken escapades. I was pretty surprised when he told me that we didn’t even run missions, but that we were in a deadspace that he scanned down.  Apparently some crazy good loot was dropped too. Meta 11 stuff. I guess he sold one of the items for a pretty penny. “Watch your wallet” he says, so I watch. BOOM 70m appears in there. His generosity is uncanny. We banter back and forth a bit, mostly about skill training and how dumb it is that I hadn’t trained Jury Rigging yet since it was a 25 minute skill and allows your to rig your ships.

After a short while, I decided that I needed something with more pew power than my Stabber, so I’m looking around and remember that I got some money now. So I start looking at BC’s, I’m really only left with one option: the Cyclone (I’m not trained high enough for the Hurricane yet). POW purchased.

The Train. It’s the light at the end of a capsuleers tunnel and the flashy stars are my 5 well aimed 425 AC’s pouring lead down your throat. 😀 I spent the better part of last night flying all over getting modules for it. Now its all fit, cap stays firm for 5+ minutes. I’m excited to take it out for a spin. It’s strange being in something that has such a relatively large tank and moves so slow. We shall see how I like it.

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  1. Depending on what you’re doing, and what skills you have, I’d strongly suggest 650s over 425s. The cyclone as you noted is slow – getting in range with an afterburner is less than exciting (and sometimes impossible). Keep a flight of drones for anything that gets under your guns. If you like, I can get a standard mission running fit for you.

    If you can run that MWD, by all means, keep the 425s – just be careful about cap.

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