Octahedron (Or The Intersection of Two Tetrahedron)

File:Compound of two tetrahedra.pngAt times I run into the two sides of Eve; the hyper-competitive Eve and the pure enjoyment Eve. For example, I like lazers. I like the way they look, sound, and how they can blind your neighbor by pointing it in their eye. My problem is that I fly only Minmatar ships that have bonuses for projectile weapons. So while I would love to fit my Rifters with 3 lazers, it would cap out rather quickly and die a bright, futile death. The other side of me wants to kill anything that moves and kill it good, gooder, and goodest. That’s were loads of time is wasted on EFT and quick fit trying to find a perfect fit for all potential situations. Sometimes I’ll spend all of my Eve time logged in, but station spinning as I try different fits. Thats where Eve loses it’s appeal, yet I almost feel forced into this exercise to stay ahead of other players. It’s a vicious circle. Where those two worlds intersect though is my octahedronal heaven. Eve Nirvana (or Pearl Jam). Finding the balance is where I struggle. If anyone knows the key, let me know.


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