The Ship With The Dragon Tattoo

Last night Rob and I met up for our epic mission run. The L4 has 5 rooms plus a bonus room, so we were looking at least a 2 hour mission since most of what we were fighting were cruiser size ships and higher (aside from logi frigs). Rob was in his Abaddon that was specifically tanked against the NPC damage type. He was able to take massive amounts of while I would try to get in close with my Cyclone. This would have worked great had my fit not been awful. I was running 425 AC 1’s with Nuclear ammo and heavy assault missiles with torrent missiles. I couldn’t hit worth shit. It was like 60-90 damage per cycle. I was running a web that turned out to be really useful, but I had no AB or MWD so it took forever to get into range of anything. I’m thinking that I will swap out the fairly useless DCU1 and fit an AB on and take off one of the missile launchers and fit a nos instead (it seems like all of the BS in this mission rep pretty heavily). My other option is to head over to jita and pick up a Minnie destroyer and fit it with small T2 AC’s and barrage ammo plus nos and web. That’s a bit dangerous though since Rob would have to grab all the aggro in the room lest I pop in one shot. It seems that all of the BS’s Scorpions with Drakes as support. Needless to say, there are lots of explosions. We worked our way through to the third room before calling it a night. Part 2 starts tonight.

On a slightly different topic, Gencon starts in Indianapolis tonight. As semi-avid gamer, Gencon has always seemed like it would be a lot of fun, yet I have never made there. I’m mainly interested in seeing some of the Warhammer 40k tables that I hear get set up (although I didn’t see Games Workshop on the list of exhibitors). Has anybody been to Gencon? What was your experience like? Would you recommend a visit? Now since I live in Indianapolis, getting to the event wouldn’t be an issue, the only real constraint would be work schedule since I didn’t plan ahead.

  1. DCU is useless in PvE, or rather, there’s always more useful things.

    Propulsion mods are also mandatory.

    • Agreed. I quickly found the DCU to be unbelievably useless.

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