With A Little Bit Of Gold And A Pager

Busy weekend here. Friday night started off with Rob and I finishing off the L4 with SOE. It took us around 3 to complete and only then it was because a corpmate offered to come and help us out in his HML Drake. Rob would jump in with his armor tanked Abaddon (I think he was running two armor reps), grab as much aggro as he  could and then have Kon and I jump in. I was running in my Cyclone but found that my medium AC skills are lacking so I switched to my Thrasher with T2 AC’s (mainly cuz Barrage does nice kinetic damage), Nos, and webs. The webs helped take down those pesky web frigs that like to spawn so much. The bounties nice on the BS’s, around 1.5 mil each IIRC. Unfortunately, we never found any good loot, no faction, no meta, nothin. It was some good good times though as Kon had been in the game much longer than either Rob or I.

Saturday was spent mostly AFK mining on my alt as I was watching the first season of The Shield on my computer. It was rather leisurely and relaxing. I’ve now trained my refining skill to IV with V not far behind it, then comes the ore refining spec skills. When I began a mining alt, I thought that it would primarily mine ore and sell that ore directly, no refining, no manufacturing, etc. The more that I mine though, the more I appreciate the art that it is. It’s sucking me in! Now I am studying Halada’s Mining Guide and working towards some PI possibly.

I was out of town Saturday night and Sunday until the afternoon, but when I got back I jumped back into the mining alt so that I could finish The Shield. In the 8 hours that I played in the mining alt, I probably made 8mil or so. Obviously this won’t turn me into the next Eve Trump, but its not awful for spending 70% of that time watching a TV show. I also went back to can jetcan mining. When I initially bought my Retreiver, I fit it with cargo expander II’s and it gave me some 5k m3 space, so I would just fly that back and forth every 5 to 8 minutes. I quickly realized how much effort that took and trained up caldari industrial ship skill so that I could jump into a Badger Mk II. I purchased that on Sunday and threw three cargo expander II’s on it and now it has 12.5k M3 space. As of now I fill a jetcan to 24.5k M3, head back to station to grab the Badger, and unload the can over two trips. This is far far more efficient than my previous method. It also allows me to play even more AFK.


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