Today I started training the necessary skills for Planetary Interaction. Since I still desire participate in the pew pew (and my computer will die if I try to run two clients), I need some relatively passive income. PI became increasingly attractive as I thought about the current demand for POS fuel and the future complexities the endeavor might hold.

Mining has been fairly profitable thus far. Yesterday I AFK mined for about 4 hours or so and ended up making about 9mil. I need to train some Giant Secure Containers as those hold some crazy space. I’m also thinking that I need to cross train Gallente Industrial and get into some of their stuff. I should also probably try and fit some mining upgrade mods, but electronics skill needs to be raised first. So much to do…

On a slightly different note: I purchase a GTC from shattered crystal last night in order to turn into a plex and sell for the Iskies. This will fund my PI experiment as well as some PVP. We’ll see how long it lasts…


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