It’s Summertime

August is a bitch. When I got home from work last night, the temperature was hovering right around 92 degrees with humidity at 75%. Ugh.

My Eve exploits last night included: setting up two planets for PI (one gas and one temperate), starting my own corp, and selling off a couple of PLEX to fund all this. PI was easy to start up, although I felt incredibly lost initially. When you look at the build options coupled with the various compounds that can be extracted, its easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. I went a watched the E-UNI guide to PI though and it quickly cleared some things up. So I set up the gas planet first using the most basic components and extracting Noble Gas. I 3 extractors up; 2 running on 5 hour depletion cycles and 1 on a 23 hour depletion cycle. When I checked this morning, barely any end product had been produced. The temperate planet had been setup with a “limited” command center and allowed me to set up 7 extractors, 2 production facilities, and 1 silo-like thing. This morning, nearly 5x the material had been produced compared to the gas planet. I’m interested in seeing how long it will take before I have to collect the items. PI is surprisingly interesting, a very nice addition to the game.

Setting of the corp was a whim decisions since I had some iskies from selling the PLEXes. I haven’t advertised, I don’t even think I want anyone else to join to be honest. I’d maybe take another miner or two or someone that’s focusing on production, but other than that, I’m not all that interested in company. To be honest, I’m finding the industrial side of the game to be far more difficult than the pew pew side. I might be feeling this way due to so little PVP interaction over the last 3 weeks. I really need to try and fleet up with some people. Hmm…


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