Kode 9

The weekend was quite productive in RL and in EVE. I decided to bite the bullet on Friday night and wait around for fleets as I hadn’t participated in one for some time. I ended up in one fleet IIRC that was rather boring. Shot at one pirate passing through Ame but never got any kills. I was rather surprised at how quiet some of the regular PvP hubs were.

Saturday was far more interesting as I was able to get into 3 different fleets. In two of them, I was acting as squad commander and wing commander in one of them. In all honesty, I felt rather inneffective as wing commander. I wasn’t sure of my role to the squad commanders since the FC was rather vocal over TS about direct commands to SC’s. One of the highlight kills from the fleets was this cynabal fit for fail. It was a rather nice 1.2 bil isk kill.

In one of the other fleets, we had intel that there was an enemy gang on a gate in Ame, so we warp in and right as we warp in, our TS server dies. It was chaos. It almost seemed planned *shifts eyes from side to side*. The FC did a good job of spamming the fleet chat with “SCATTER!!! GETT OUTT!!” It certainly made for an exciting time. My efficiency on the KB is pretty high, but what do you expect when you are a tackler or in a frig most of the time.

Even though I am able to get into BS hulls, my support skills certainly do not make sense in flying something so large. In fact, I think I’ve sworn off BS’s until Large AC spec skill is trained up. It just doesn’t make sense to fly a ship above Cruiser if you can’t fit T2 mods on it. Anyway, my mind is slow this morning. Have a good one all.


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