This Temporary Life

Last night I started off slow as I was initially station spinning and enjoy the chat windows. The lull allowed me to try using dual clients on the XP partition of my MBP. It worked surprisingly well, my computer didn’t start smoking or anything. 😀 I didn’t have to sit too long though as Alliance lit up with a fleet call for a low-sec roam. I x’d up with my recently T2 nano fit Rifter and headed out as a fast tackle. I’m pretty impressed with the speed and agility it has, aligns under 2 seconds and has a MWD speed of almost 4000 m/s.  One of the guys in an interceptor said I was only 500 m/s slower than him.

So the fleet rolls out and we hit up Tasti for some pew pew action. We caught some guys on several gates then headed home. 4 kills overall, not too shabby.  Once we got back to ‘Drat, a couple of the ILN officers decided we should all play a little game of hide and go pew. 2 ILN higher ups went to a safe spot and then teams (consisting of 5 members) would try to scan them down and violence them into eternity. Well, the team I was a part of was that scanned them down first. We all tried to warp into our guy that had found them, but since we had 3 different kinds of ships (3 frigs and 2 cruisers IIRC) we all arrived at different times. Had I been thinking, I would have suggested that we warp to our prober before he warped himself to them. That would have been far more useful. The rules of the game also stated that if any member of the team warped off grid, that team was out of the contest. Sadly, my instincts kicked in and I warped off to station even though there was no way I was going to get podded. I essential got our team kicked out. :/ Sorry guys.


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