I’m A Swift Boat

I have started to take my Rifter flying more seriously now, as I have skills to fly that thing quite well. It is probably my favorite ship that I have flown (and I’ve flown everything Minmatar from frigs to BS) in Eve so far. I recently been playing around with a speed tackle frig. Here’s the fit:

  • x2 Nano II’s – low
  • Overdrive II – low
  • 1MN MWD II – mid
  • Warp Disruptor II – mid
  • Webifier II – mid
  • x3 AC II (barrage ammo) – highs
  • Energy Vamp – high

With the MWD going, it hits about 4100 m/s, fairly impressive for a T1 frig. I have been talking with some guys about the need for a tank on this thing. A few have argued for a DCU II in a low slot. My thinking is that if I am being shot it, the DCU II won’t provide much more survivability. This is a ship that I expect to lose every time that I pull it out. If I don’t lose it, then all the better. With that said, if I happen to find myself in a small gang roam, I will drop one of the nanos for a DCU II.  In larger fleets, I rarely find myself being targeted and if I am hardly ever get hit due to speed/chaos.

My entire philosophy with the Rifter is speed. Its a frig so an armor/shield tank is rather negligble. Go for broke and hit the gas.


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