I Practised This For Hours

I am shocked. Shocked that I have so neglected this blog. Here’s the quick skill update: After Covert Ops IV, I trained several levels of astrometric pinpointing and something else astrometric, I don’t remember exactly what it was. As my current activities with E-Uni have me doing more low-sec small gangs, I am now training Medium Projectile Weapons to V for those T2 tasties. I can fit a full T2 tank on my Cane now which is good, but it currently has no ganking ability, hence the T2 guns. I suppose that I should start training Large Ac’s after this.

I spent the entirety of last evening running supplies to myself with my alt due to the UNI being at war and our SOP prohibits supply running during war. The wardecs run out today (the 27th), so I guess that supply running was rather unnecessary. Speaking of wardecs, this was pretty funny. During my time at E-Uni, I’ve seen many wardecs and frankly I love war. I’m rather surprised that most corps wardec us as the people who don’t like war just drop corp anyway and the ones that desire to pew stay in.

I’ve decided to head in a different direction with my alt. PI was getting rather boring and until I have another running computer to play on, I don’t want to just afk mine as that would take away time I could be on my main doing something active. In light of this predicament, I found a skill training plan for drakes and starting training it right away. I’ve finished several missile related skills and am now working on shield operation V. I had a long convo with some guys that are brand new to Eve (<2 months old) who want me to join their corp. They are scattered across timezones which makes coordinating play times rather difficult, but they seem like a nice group of guys. They are a group of miners with rather naive plans to be miners with teeth. I giggled a bit when they told me that they wanted to mine with a group of bombers sitting there cloaked for when can flippers come. Oh well, I suppose the early part of Eve is all about dreams right. Who knows, if you have  enough corp mates and such it might work. Enough for now. I’m out.


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