Rome Built In A Day

I will be visiting my parental units this weekend for some R&R and to pick up a kitchen table. To sweeten the trip even more (as if a kitchen table isn’t enough) my parents are giving me one of their old PC’s. It has been several years since I have played anything on that computer, in fact the last game that I played on it was Half Life 2. I remember it running quite well though and feeling somewhat impressed with the graphics. The prospect of a stand alone desktop is immediately appealing as I have been playing EVE on my 2 year old macbook pro. I’ve even had to install a windows partition in order to avoid the never ending issues that the mac client has. (As of right now, the mac client will not even start, no matter how many times I reinstall it.)

That rather lengthy prelude leads up to this question: What are in your computers? I want Eve to look pretty and I’m rather computer savvy, but having worked almost exclusively on macs for the last 6 years has left me out of the computer gaming hardware loop. I’m looking for suggestions on motherboards mostly as that is where most of my ignorance lies. Thanks guys!

Edit: So here’s what I’m thinking: The graphics card, motherboard, RAM, and processor will almost certainly need to be replaced. I’ve done some searching and am looking at the Asus P7P55D motherboard, an Intel i7 950 processor, and a Palit NE5X460SF1142 (basically a Nvidia GTX 460 with 2gb of RAM). This all might be a bit of overkill for Eve, but at least it gives me more options in PC gaming. Thoughts?


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