I’m Back… Back In The Saddle Again

Well after a lengthy haitus from small gang ops, I was able to jump into a wolfpack around Hagilur. Since I am just getting comfortable using T2 Medium guns, I ended up just taking out a Rifter. Hagilur was rather exciting as there were numerous guys from United there. We played games at the top belt for about an hour. United would be a taranis up at the top, one of our guys would engage in a frig or intie and then the rest of United would show up in their recons. Needless to say, we found this to be less than in our favor. They finally got sick of it and decided to gate camp the high sec gates. We got bored of playing as well and decided to trade in the pew pews for sneakies. The United guys were actually rather fun to watch as they got kill after kill and pod after pod. Local with those guys is always enjoyable too.

Although I didn’t get my bloodlust satiated, I was able to at least spend a good 2 hours on TS with my Battlegroup squad. I’d been feeling extremely out of the loop and it was nice to catch up. Here’s to spilt blood and beer this evening!

One Quick Edit: I thought that I would post my full computer rig now. I ended up getting a Gigabyte USB3 board, Intel i5-750, ATI Radeon 5770, 4 Gb RAM, WD 1Tb Caviar Black HD, Asus BD drive. I’m very happy with it and looking forward to black friday/cyber monday RAM deals. The goal is to drop around 12 Gb RAM in it.


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