Forehead Meets Hand

This past weekend was a great one from a time in EVE stand point. I got to play for many hours and both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I spent the majority of my time in fleets. I took my first fleet out that morning as people had been complaining about a lack of available fleets. I called for a fast roaming fleet, nothing bigger than a cruiser. I think we ended up with two inties, 6 or 7 frigs and an ewar cruiser. We rolled down from Aldrat thought to hadozeko. Prior to the fleet forming, I’d seen lots of guys from the Las Chupacabras gang around in Hagilur, so I thought there’d be a good chance of us getting a fight. Nothing. Absolutely no one came to play. In fact, we encountered mostly empty systems all the way from Aldrat to Resbroko. After about 2 hours of dicking around, we decided to head back. Along the way, I informed the FC that I had a heavily tanked Cane around and that I’d be willing to use it as bait. He agreed so I grabbed it and started ratting at the second to bottom belt. Sure enough, a AF shows up (the amarr version). He’s flashy so I point and started blasting him. A dram shows up right after that, followed by a second AF. My cavalry rolls and we get both the AF’s while the dram slips away due to points not being spread properly. Nice kills and the pirates were awfully nice guys about our trap. Good fun. On Sunday, I got the hankerin for more PvP. So I tried to get some pirates into playing with me in my Rifter. After an hour of no one caring to engage, I brought out the cane that played successful bait the day before. I had refit it for some more pain bringing power. As soon as I jumped into Hagilur, there was a Blackbird within point range. I quickly checked local to see if he had corpmates, which he did not so I engaged him. I got him halfway into armor before getting jammed. A few seconds go by and a myrm shows up, followed by a Rifter. All from different pirate corps. Needless to say, my Cane dies a slow death. I tanked the guys for quite a while before I popped. I couldnt even burn to jump since I was webbed and had GCC. Oh well. Several lessons were learned. 1: Don’t engage heavy E-war without friends 2: pirates work together at times. Fun time overall. I’m greatly enjoying my fights with the pirates that live and work in Hag.



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