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Last night was rather slow. A bunch of us guys from the BG1 were out trying to scan down Johnny Lurch in Dudreda. I think we had no less than 3 cov ops trying to find that guy. We finally got bored of that and began to disperse. At some point, I decided to head to Auner to chat it up with a corp that apparently left SCUM. Me and another guy from the BG employed what we learned from the Local 101 class to find these things out. The guys from Leggio Mortalis apparently think the guys from SCUM are “noobs” and are afraid of the UNI blobs. I am quite skeptical of those statements and so I proceeded to inform (read: lie) the guys from Leggio that rumors were flying that they got kicked out of SCUM for being a rather sorry corp. Their defense got more shaky, but still stuck to the “we dropped their sorry alliance ass”.I probably talked with those guys for an hour or so with some humor splashed in. Eventually the pilot SL1cK dropped in and played the whole badass “lets go 1v1 and fight” role. As I was in a nano fit speed rifter, I had very little interest in fighting anyone. After a bit, he was actually rather enjoyable to talk to and we bantered back and forth for while longer. Eventually, I needed to head off bed and bid all those nasty pirates adieu. In recap, there was no shooting to speak of but it was still a fun evening. I think that speaks well of EVE when you can log in and not even turn on your modules but still have a great time.


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