I have not been able to log in that often the last several weeks, but when I have things has become rather hot n heavy. The last 4 or 5 times that I’ve logged in, someone is taking a fleet out immediately and needs an experienced scout so I x up for it. I’ve not particpated in the pew portion for quite some time and am looking to remedy that. I’m 2 days away from getting into interceptors and then I think it will be time to focus on gunnery skills.

On my alt, BC 4 is about to be completed. He’s currently flying around doing PVE stuff in a Drake. The whole mining/PI was just getting too boring. The 88 also disolved (that was the corp that he was ceo of) and he has since joined a PVE corp. All in all, things are good. Sure wish I had more time to play though.


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