No Lesson Learned

After a lovely evening of hanging curtains and watching animated “Here Comes Santa Claus”, my wife gave me permission to play late into the evening. I logged in around 11 and didn’t log till nearly 2. 😀 Felt like the old bachelor days all over again (with the benefit of having my wife nearby). When I logged in, some guys from BG1 were in fleet on a roam in the Hagilur region so I joined up. We sat in Hag for 30 minutes or so with only one engagement that resulted in a pop, after that it was pure quiet. At one point, local was entirely filled with blues. After it became clear that no pirates were interested in coming to Hag, we began to make our way towards Gusondal. Along the way, our scout found several flashies but couldn’t ever track them down. I just forgot to mention what we had as far as composition goes. We were running 3 or 4 cruisers, 2 BC’s, an AF, and a regular ol’ frig. We should have been able to get some decent fights with that setup but couldn’t for whatever reason. In Ingunn, we had several stare downs with GCC’s, but they avoided going flashy and eventually warped off. Around 1:35 we were able to find a flashy Drake. Someone called point and the rest of the fleet started warping in at optimals. By the time we landed, 2 canes had shown up as well. Primary was switched to one of the canes and on came the pain. It all seemed to be going well with points and scrams well spread and the primaried cane beginning to hit armor. As this is going on, ECM drones are launched so I being to target them. I get jammed several times by the drones and it must have been happening to the rest of the gang as well since the cane’s started burning away. A few guys several guys started to give chase to the nanocane but no one could seem to catch up. Next thing I know, my ship starts screaming at me as my shield melts and armor begins to go too (I was in an armor ruppie). By the time I could even get to warp speed, I had popped. In all, we had 0 kills and 4 or 5 losses. Once we started to head back to safer waters, everyone kind of thought “WTF just happened?” One of the guys blew up that he saw DPS going onto the secondary and tertiary targets. It was embarrassing. Nearly 12 hours have passed and I am still embarrassed. So as the title says, I personally learned no lessons as I was doing all that I should have. I kept  all my guns (except one that was shooting the ECM drones) on the Primary and was orbiting at optimal and all that shit.


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