Another One Bites The Dust-ah.

Yes another one of my ships bites the dust. I’ve been on a real spree of losing cruisers and battlecruisers. This time several of us were heading to Molden Heath to find some fun and fun we did find. If memory serves me correctly, our gang was 9 or 10 strong consisting of 2 BC’s, 5 cruisers, and two AF’s. As several of us jumped into system x (I don’t remember the system names), our +1 called out that a group of flashies were in system. There were 7 of them, 3 BC’s, 2 BS’s, and 2 AF’s. As soon as they saw local numbers increase, they called us out for “Uni blobbing” them which was awfully ironic seeing that we only had 2 more people than them and significantly less firepower. Somehow, one of our members got scrambed and webbed by 2 of the flashies with no hope of escape, so our FC called us in to help. Mid-warp he called scatter as the rest of their fleet had dropped on field. I was unfornate enough to land right in the middle of them and my amor tanked ruppie went poof rather quickly. In retrospect, I regret warping to something that I knew would be isnta-death. After my popping, I headed back home and logged feeling a little down. The last 4 times I’ve logged in, I’ve lost a ship. Quite a streak.


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