Cute Colored Pills of Death

I was reading over at The Eve Report about Caronline’ musings over boosters and their place as an RP element (why they are illegal, etc.). The short article prompted some thoughts about boosters and ways to make the consequences of boosters actually mean something. The above screenshot says that “Boosters kill brain cells”, but do they? Of course boosters have their various nerfing side effects to tanking/ganking, but no long-term effects so to speak.

When looking at drugs in RL, you have two rather obvious problems with them. 1) Almost all have deteriorating effects on the body and 2) almost all are extremely addictive in nature and any attempt to disrupt this addiction results in some rather unpleasant health problems. Does any of this translate into the way boosters work in EVE? I don’t think so. Boosters could become a various interesting bit of EVE if the effects were boosted way up, but instead of having some negligible nerfs, why not have a chance of SP drains for the duration of use? Let’s say there’s a low level booster being taken, its chance of SP loss would be rather low as the positive gains would be rather low. And what if for the habitual booster user there was a “withdrawal” period where some related skills were temporarily nerfed? This would more accurately imitate RL drugs and could make boosters more popular since the SP nerf would NOT be guaranteed.

What your guys’ thoughts and experience with boosters? Are they a niche market in EVE? Could they become viable options with said changes or would that phase them out to be used only by RP’s?


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