Riders On The Storm

Last night, I joined up with a medium sized gang of mostly BC’s and cruisers with a couple of inties acting as +1. We were roaming down around Taff hoping that some SCUM guys would come out and play. On our way there, some IT Alliance guys were putting some massive hurt out. There were only 6 of them, but they had guardian support and we did not have logi at all. FC decides to try our luck with engaging them. One of the inties encounters a Absolution  that was away from the rest of the IT group, gets point and calls the gang to pile in. I warp in nearly on top of the command ship and start neuting the hell out of it while scramming and pounding it with some RF EMP. It ends in a pretty explosion, but not before the other IT guys jump in on us. Things get pretty hot before the FC calls a scatter. An IT Thanatos got dropped on us and swayed things the way of IT. Unfortunately, I had been pointed and webbed by an Aruzu as I was spamming warp. Had I kept my wits, I would have turned all my DD on that Aruzu, but I didn’t realize who had me held down until it was too late. Poof went my cane. My canes have a habit of doing that. The plus side is that I’m getting used to losing them. 😀 A little bit later, we caught a flashy Drake to the UNI who was feeding us intel earlier. We all felt a little bad since he’s a pretty chill guy and was helping us out earlier, but a flashy is a… flashy. Gotta pad those KB stats ;). We had a Cane kill earlier in the night, so all in all it wasn’t a bad trade. Let’s recap the kills: Absolution, Punisher, Drake, and Hurricane (btw look at that painful cane fit). All in all, not too shabby. I learned quite a few things for next time.

In the skill training news, I’ve got Astrometrics Pinpointing to 4 today on my main and my alt has Scout Drone 4 finishing today. I can’t wait for those extra learning skill SP’s. My alt will be able to finish Heavy Missiles 5 and my main will finish Evasive Maneuvering 5 and Mechanic 5. Thats puts me in inties and AF’s.

In the last few nights, I have some great beverages. Thursday night I drank LagunitasHop Stoopid and a friends homebrew which was a Pliny the Elder clone. Both were very delicious, heavy on the hops and yet pretty balanced from a sweet/bitter perspective. My wife and I, had dinner at a cute little french cafe and I had a Founder’s Centennial Ale while eating some Chipotle Portabello Mushroom soup. The spiciness of both made the pairing quite good. All the pew pew listed above occurred while under the influence of Maker’s Mark. Just thought I’d give an update just for the Blog’s name sake. 😀 Have a great weekend all. Hope to see you around New Eden.


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