Battle Todes.

As of late, I’ve been roaming around in small gangs in the Molden Heath area. Part of the reason is that the BG1 seems to have worn out its welcome in the Hag area. The only guys that we consistently run into now are the United guys and their POS is nearby so whenever they see our composition, they typically just reship into something that will more effectively counter our fleet. Its annoying, but makes for some exciting running away (cue Monty Python style fleeing). Hence the region change. In MH are several large alliances that can fly some rather nasty ships, almost to a frustrating point. I can’t tell you the number of times we’ve chased targets that are flying BC’s and cruisers only to have them dock up and switch to BS/BC’s/inties with logistics support. I suppose that is the sacrifice one makes when taking the pew to someone instead of meeting them in a neutral area or on your home turf.

Last night my belief in the nano-cane was reaffirmed. We had a fleet of about 16 complete with 3 inties and many BC’s. We were having trouble finding anything that would stick around to play until we found a nanocane and drake that wanted to pew. Inties call point and the fleet warps to them only to the flashies 45 km away and burning at 3km/s. We didn’t have a prayer of catching them. For some reason the FC wanted to keep trying to catch them even though none of our inties and webs or scrams and they were getting eaten alive by Warrior II’s. As soon as I saw them burning that fast, I thought “not a prayer that we’ll catch them”. Sure enough they got away while killing two inties. Sigh. Its just frustrating that we wasted almost 40 minutes chasing these guys when we had no way of gimping their speed. I think I might go back to flying a tackle frig since I can burn almost 4km/s in my rifter and fit scram and web,

On the drinking frontier, I picked up some Wild Turkey Rye last night. It’s rather nice, a twee sweeter than I expected though. A Canadian corpmate was mocking me saying that all “whiskys” suck (i.e. american made whisky). I then berated him for living in a country that  invented the “lite beer” of whisky. Canadaian whiskey. Ugh. As my wife is having friends over, I’m going to have to take my libations to a local restaurant, fortunately they have wifi so EVE should run on it. We’ll see. Cabernet here I come!

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  1. Fergus Meikleour said:

    Canadian whisky is truly awful. Scotch is where its at 🙂

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