Resigned Smile

The UNI has another wardec upon it and I was buying some ships and moving stuff around in an effort to get ready for the war. I buy me a ruppie and armor fit that thing to the teeth thinking “this’ll be a helluva ship for frigs and other cruisers to take down”. I undock from Hek, take the short jaunt to hag, jump in and see 12 flashies.  All United guys. “Well, shits. That was a short life for this ruppie.” I think to myself. I hold cloak for about 20 seconds while figuring out how long I’ll survive and come to the conclusion that my only course of action can be to burn back to the gate. I decloak and start burning. And burning. And burning. And popping. I was still 9300 off gate when my ship blew. I warped off and grabbed a cloaky in order to see how many guys they had, what ships etc. It was a little entertaining to watch those guys. There really was no escape for any of the pilots jumping in. The ship wasn’t a huge loss or anything, just mildly annoying that I’d spent more time fitting it than flying it. In retrospect, its a bit funny.

I can understand gate camping, but gate camping a hi-sec gate? I just see any point in ganking people that probably have zero desire to fight. I’m sure once I’m an Eve bittervet, I’ll start doing mindless things like this. Don’t get me wrong, United has some decent pilots from what I’ve seen, but it often has more to do with them flying nastier, more class dedicated ships.  They could be a rather legit PvP corp, but instead they incessantly camp. Ah anyway, enough with United. I’m glad they’re around, keeping low-sec interesting I suppose.


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