Boom Pop

I turned to my wife last night and said “Eve is the only game that I can play for any significant amount of time while only failing and still have a freakin’ blast.”

I logged on for a few hours last night as I saw that a fleet was out with all my hombres in it. I asked what they wanted me to bring and they said a tackle Rifter. I’m wit dat. I haven’t flown a Rifter in quite some time and thought it would be fun. I meet up with them about 8 jumps later and long story short we encountered yet even more nanocanes. I popped while engaging a mega and spent the next 15 minutes GCC as he wasn’t flashy to me when I engaged him. Oh joy. It was fine as I had multiple safes in system, then I just jumped out of system into a noob ship and made best speed to hek. Once there, I purchased the Assault Ships skill and am training that to IV now. This morning, I was so excited that I bought three Wolfs and have begun looking at fittings for them. My frigate support skills are very good so I think that I will be farely effective in it. I’m a little stoked as I’ve been wanting to do some solo PvP and AF’s are pretty decent for that. Fly safe all.


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