Yesterday was a long playing day. I was able to listen to a scouting class over TS and get in on a fleet. Since I can’t divulge the Uni secrets on scouting, I’ll cover the fleet and engagements. A few of us in TS were tossing around the idea of heading out on a frig fleet as one of our XO’s had just got into EAF and was eager to try it against flashies. The fleet ended up being cruiser and BC heavy with a few tackle frigs, inties, and me in an assault frig. Aside: I really like AF’s. End Aside. We started rolling through Hagilur and we engaged Dr. Lov3 in a cane, but he burned to gate with half armor and jumped through into Bei. Our tackle on the other side missed him somehow and the good Dr. warped away to safety. We soon moved on through hag down to Eifer and popped Capt Nessaja of Mean Corp after our inty pilot caught him deagressing through a gate. Excellent work by our inty, good fight to Capt. After that we roamed a bit more and finally landed in Skarkon. The call went out that there were some guys from The Humbless Crew were in Mimiror. Baited some guys and a myrm and cane  go down and then the rest of the crew shows up as we jump back into Skarkon. Then kill three more Drakes here, here, and here and three more canes here, here, and here. I think we ended up losing the inties, my AF, a couple of BC’s and our Huginn. Overall it was a helluva stand up fight. The Humbless guys just kept reshipping and jumping into the fight again. Thanks to those guys for a great fight, hope to do it again. After the engagement, we had probably 9 people in noob ships so we high tailed it back to hisec. One of the Humbless guys was following us for a few systems and then he turned back. Ended the night in Hek as most everybody needed ships or modules. I ended up getting on 5 of the KM’s and was doing some decent damage to them. My main role was popping the drones that got released and pop them I did. I had 150’s on my AF and tracking enhancers so they popped the drones right quick. Again, it was nice to be able to log in for 6 hours or so. A huge thanks goes to my wife for letting me be occupied for that long. That was probably the last time I’ll be online until after Christmas and this will probably be the last blog entry until after the New Year. Although my wife is going to her parents the night before Christmas Eve, so I might get some play time then… Anyways, fly safe all and happy holidays!

Edit: I had Bell’s Java Stout during the fleet. It was pretty decent, not the best coffee stout that I’ve ever had but still solid. It is a little weak on mouthfeel, a twee too thin for my liking. It could’ve benefitted from a bit more creaminess.


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