All Alone

The evening started out with a quick study of Jags and Drams, comparing the two and what is needed to fly both compitently. I’m only need to train the Gallente Frig skill and then I’m in the hull and my support skills for the Dram are already all in place. Its rather nice that the skill training for Drams and Minnie AF’s are so similar. After daydreaming about the Dram for a few minutes, I headed off into Hagilur with thoughts of some 1v1 action. I jump in and there’s not a single valid (according to UNI ROE) in System. So I roll on down to Hadozeko. Same problem the entire way down the pipe, no flashies, no negatives to the Uni. The closest that I saw was a person with -4.3 sec status. It was blue balling. Then I think “surely Ama will have some decent fight to be had”. When I jump into Ama, there are about 10 or 12 heretic guys in system. I see a Thanatos off one of the stations with a Loki and then anther three Lokis at their POS. I’ve never known heretic to honor 1v1 so I didn’t bother asking. I turned around and headed back to Hagilur, through dudreda and around the back loop. Again nothing. I’m not sure why I’m surprised since most people are probably off doing last minute christmas things, but it was disappointing to not be able to find any opportunities for fights. This seems to happen an awful lot when I’m looking for 1v1’s. Blast. Tonight I think I might just jump in the ol’ alt for some PvE fun. *Eye Roll*. I started my alt thinking that he’d start doing all PvE/Industry stuff in order to pay for that account and experience eve from a different perspective. I keep finding myself just want to PvP with him, especially since the corp I’m in has a rather lax ROE. Oh well. I also found EOH the other night and have been rather addicted to it. Turrible turrible. Happy Christmas all!


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