Belated New Year

Happy New Year one and all! Sorry that these well wishes are so late, but I have been quite busy. In RL, I have been quite busy with work and my lovely wife. I’ve also been fairly enthralled with a biography about Lord Nelson of Battle at Trafalgur fame. In game, things have been fairly busy as well. Jokine has most recently taken a leadership position in the ILN’s Battlegroup 1. The promotion has come with several changes, most notably people think I know something about the game. (Glad I have them fooled 😉 ) The increased responsability has been rather fun as it has provided more motivation to take out fleets/be silly with ships.

I’ve taken a liking to small ships again and am thinking about cross training the major T2 frigs. I’m especially interested in the Sentinel. That ship has the ability to be one helluva 1v1 boat with its bonus to neut range. A guy that I’ve flow with used to fit TD’s on it as well. I couldn’t hit for shit in any AF or inties that I had. He also had some ECM drones that kept making me lose locks with the end result being thouroughly frustrating.

In other training news, I have got Jokine’s AC skills fairly high (including close range support skills) and now I feel its time to move on to Arty skills. I’ve always been jealous of those arty fits that pick off frigs like crazy. Obviously ya don’t make millions killing frigs in Arty BC’s but that doesn’t negate the fun factor of it all.

Jokine is also beginning to turn his thoughts towards a corp that can continue his growth. I’m guessing he will probably be in the UNI for a few more months. I’m thinking about leaving right around 10mil SP and he currently has 9.2mil SP so that puts me at 10 mil somewhere around March or so. 10mil SP seems to be where most corps have their minimums set at. I am most certainly looking for a PvP corp. To be honest, I am even interested in Pirate corps. I’ve had many run-ins with impressive pirates corps that have proven to be both good pilots and rather mature. In summary, I’m looking for an active PvP focused corp that operates in the US TZ.

On my alt, he has been steadily running L1 missions when my wife doesn’t permit the full committment that fleet engagements demand. He currently has flies a very very well fit Drake, but has been doing most every mission in a Hookbill. Drvones V will be completed in a few days. After Drones V I’m not sure what direction to head, clearly more drone skills for T2, but other than that I am not sure. Possibly cross-training into Gallente ships. He got booted from his other corp because of some massive leadership changes. NPC corp yay!

On the liquid courage side of things, I drank an 07 Frog’s Leap Chardonnay over New Years. Tried Jolly Pumpkin’s La Roja (Flanders Red Ale aged in oak barrels for about a year) and Russian River Brewing Company’s Supplication ( a sour ale aged in wine barrels with sour cherries thrown in). All of the above have been incredibly impressive and this evening I am pouring myself a Hopworks Urban Brewing’s Winter warmer. Happy Times.


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