I’ve yet to weigh in on the Incursion release, so let me do so now. I’m a fan of nearly all of the major features that have been/are being released except for the actual Incursions.  The idea behind the Incursion system is a great one and bringing new AI to PVE seems to be a great thing as well, but Eve already has thousands of outlets for PvE that most players have barely scratched the surface of. I’ve heard several arguments that CCP is trying to force people into working together to fight the Sansha and that these Incursions will help get people into lowsec and that it will make lowsec more “profitable”. Let me address these one at a time:

PvE focused players will only be engaged with the Sansha as long as they are profitable either in BPO’s or isk. The large number of people needed to take on these Incursions has me worried that the entire system will either go the way of FW or will be dominated by corps or alliances that deal specifically with the Incursions. I have yet to meet a PvE player that fights NPC’s just because they enjoy shooting shit (with exception of the Role Playing population, filthy RPers 😉 ). The novelity of the Incursions will wear off rather quickly and will soon just become an annoyance to most people that they will just avoid. A lack of cohesion could also be the downfall of people that are interested in the Incursions. With the Live Events that have been going on, the actors reacted to players actions (both RP actions and physical actions), but the AI will not respond to RP local speak etc, so I wonder how well the population of New Eden will be able to deal with the Sansha.

Several loud players keep blabbing something about lowsec being “broken” and “unprofitable”. I contest that as I have lived in lowsec for about 5 months and have been fighting and making decent isk (I hate ratting and running missions, so I could make much better money if I actually put time into it). I see nothing “broken” with lowsec other than GCC timers (I think they should be scaled with the systems sec status). I would argue that lowsec is very profitable for the corps and alliances that have decided that they want to make it profitable. I’ve been hot dropped many many times in lowsec so I know several things: 1) There are some very wealthy people 2) There are large amounts of minerals to be had 3) There is lots of action going on that warrants construction/purchase of a carrier/supercarriers. It seems that the people that are shouting for the changes to lowsec are those stuck in hisec. You don’t see pirates in lowsec clammering for CCP to change things in hisec so that their style of gameplay is more effective do you? The player base needs to accept that there are sections of the game where a certain style of gameplay won’t work effectively or at all. There’s also an issue with many players grasping the idea that more risk should equal more reward. Hisec ore is worth shit for good reason. L1 through L3 missions take place in hisec for a reason. As situations become more dangerous, a player should be rewarded for that . Lowsec is a great place to live if you want to learn PvP and have some restrictions placed on you (ala gate guns etc). I have had a blast in lowsec and would certainly consider joining a corp that calls it home. There’s nothing “broken” about it, players just need to realize that New Eden is a big place and you may not like all of it.

Well you went and made me do it: a post about lowsec. I have some more thoughts about the debate that I may raise if I can ever collect them.

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