Follow Up With A Nip Tuck

Last night I logged onto Jokine after a rather rough day. I fully expected to station spin and maybe do some minor station trading, but a call went up in alliance for a fleet. I offered my services and then informed the FC that I needed to go grab a ship out of Dudreda, well on my way through Hag I ran into a United gate camp. Fortunately I was in a noob ship, unfortunately they got my pod after I hit the self destruct sequence. I’m still trying to figure out how they caught my pod, I had a celestial selected and was spamming that shit even before my ship popped. Only thing I can think of was either client lag or maybe my mouse batteries are dying. Either way, it wasn’t a huge loss as I had no implants in Jokine at the time. Once podded, I reported to the FC what United force comp was and he formed up a nasty gang of 52 (mostly tackle of course) to go roll that camp. Due to some slow rolling, the fleet didn’t get up to Hag for about 15 minutes or so, by that time United had moved gates several times and then moved to observation points. By the time our guys started jumping into Hag, United was able to move all of their ships to a POS in system. Part of the problem is that our guys didn’t engage the United guys even though they were FLASHY. I have no idea if people don’t understand UNI ROE or what, but it was primarily because of lack of engagement on our part that the entire United gang (several BS’s and at least two guardians) got away. I was rather pissed off to be honest. The Uni’s ROE isn’t difficult to understand by any stretch of the imagination. There have been numerous times when engagements have been avoided because a lack of understanding and its not just from the new guys, even some of the older players (by that I mean more than one month on) have not understood the difference between flashy and hostile/enemy to the alliance. Maybe I need to teach a class specifically on that.

Prior to those events I recreated Jokine. I actually clicked the wrong portait picture, so this will not be Jokine’s expression all the time:

I also created a hauler alt, The Gonja Sufi:


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