The Tale of the Black Tiger

Jumped on last night and was fortunate enough to see a call go up in Alliance right away. FC wanted to do a lowsec roam with BC’s and below. I initially X’d with a speed Stabber, but then remembered that I couldn’t rig it for speed and we were awfully light on BC’s, so out came the arty cane. I had it loaded up with Quake until I knew what type of engagements we were gonna be in. We moved pretty fast through hagilur, around klogori and then headed out to Tasti where things were getting interesting. There were many targets to be had, but since we were a largish gang, the FC wanted to wait for something large and expensive. After much baiting and such, the fleet moved systems a bit and ended up finding two drakes to pew. Unfortunately, they were nano-fit and nano ships tend to eat Uni fleets alive. The story was no different this time, we ended up losing 3 Rifters and two Stilleto’s because we couldn’t kill drones. Warrior II’s just eat the hell out of frigs. I tried to tell guys that they have to kill the drones first if they want to hold point etc. I was able to get off a couple of cycles of the ole’ 720’s on them before they burned out of range. That was the only damage they took. Another issue was that guys couldn’t get into scram or web range. Looking at our inties fits, they were rather shit. Neither had scram or web. Only point and shield extenders? They needed to get be fleet feet instead of some terrible blend of solo/fleet. In the end, a fight against nano-fits is always a learning experience. I’m thinking of putting together a nanocane now that I can fit large extender II’s on it. Oh the possibilities.

In skill training news, all of my characters are training cybernetics right now. I have one in particular that is going to station spin for a bit so his cybernetics will be to either IV or V as he through his training for jump freighters.

Edit: I’ve been drinking some local brews a lot lately as Indianapolis has had a recent influx of great breweries open up. My go to beer right now is Sunking Osiris Pale Ale. Its a helluva a beer and it comes in the superior travel vessel known as a can. E’rybody should be gettin some.


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