Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Today is my last day in Eve University. I’ve enjoyed the last 8 months there and have learned many things about the game and how players interact inside of it. I can almost guarantee that I would not have stuck with the game had it not been for joining the Uni. They (the Uni) provided free skill books, mission running fleets, and loads of low sec roams through which my skills as a player have grown considerably. If anyone is unsure of where to go in Eve or wants to try a new aspect of it in a relatively safe environment, the Uni is the place to go. I highly respect the directors over there as they pour a ton of resources into it with relatively little gain for themselves.

The Ivy League Navy was the area of the Uni that I spent the most time in. It provided me with countless hours of mentoring within the confines of a semi-disciplined organization. We cruised through lowsec most nights, getting our asses handed to us on many of the cruises while always learning. The Uni is fairly unique in regards to fleet commanding. You can command an Uni fleet from day 1 and no one will look down on you. In fact, later in my ILN career, I pushed newer players that wanted more fleets to form those fleets up themselves. It was ok to die and we were all just learning together. Its entirely due to this mentality that I am now extremely comfortable in all manners of fleet ops. I will miss those guys that I flew with consistently, but I’m sure I’ll see you all around.

So goodbye Eve Uni. I’m certain this will not be the last time that I see you though.


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