The Start of The End – A 6VDT Love Story

Well last night was my first evening in GW and it couldn’t have come at a more interesting time. The Mittani gave a State of the Goonion address that over 1200 people showed up to (all on one TS server, poor thing kept shitting all over the place). There was much excitement (and cursing) in Jabber as guys were trying to figure out when the SotG was going to start. The first TS channel crashed and Solo had to restart that thing. Once it started, Mittenman apologised for having us all gather to listen to a speech about Internet Spaceships, lol. He then launched into a speech that was some strange splicing of an Apple Keynote and an early NSADP rally. The wording was fiery; the delivery, intense and all along there’s an undercurrent of mockery directed towards SirMolle’s speech not 2 days prior. The heart of this rabble rousing speech is to convey that IT is falling apart (with the departure of their major supercap producers), Molle has called for reinforcements from Initiative and sysk, AAA has begun invading Querious.  In response to these events, The Mittani declared that The Clusterfuck Coalition will do a sit-in of 6vdt with 23/7 camps until the system is blue. After Mittani had finished, Tomcat and Montollio said a few brief words only to have Mittani cut in again saying that IT had called an emergency evac from 6VDT. The SotG was cut short as Mittani orderd everyone into 6VDT ASAP in order to catch as many of the carebears as possible. Needless to say, 6VDT is going to be one gigantic bubble.

In other news, I made the jump to 0.0 last night. Jokine had to pod jump since the JB system out there was down. I spent most of the evening selling my ships in hek. I created a good contract for a T2 fit Firetail. Its up for around 29 mil. Some guy convoed me asking to lower the price since it was higher than regional, I kindly pointed out the fittings and rigs reminding him that its 4-5mil cheaper than even Jita prices. So if someone wants a nicely fit Firetail, the contract is up in Hek.


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