Notorious J.O.KINE

…or not quite. Since joining goons I’ve done nothing but carebear. I’m rather frustrated with the entire situation to be honest. My resignation to carebearing is my fault as I have not found time to log in for more than an hour at a time and clearly fleet ops don’t finish within an hour, but even still I feel a bit shafted. I think part of the issue is that in the UNI everything was organized, you were guided and held throughout your time there (unless you said “BACK OFF MEH BIOTCH!”) and in goons a person only gets out of it what they put in. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to squeeze in lots of fleet time this weeked as it’s relatively free. I’m a bit concerned that I will hate 0.0 fleet ops because of lag and my previous affairs with small gang shit. Oh well, time to dive in.

Skerrit Boy has been logging in rather inconsistently to Abaddon. My corp mates are certainly noticing my lack of play time and I feel bad that I’m not contributing to the corp on any significant level. As the corp is almost entirely PVE/manufacturing, I don’t contribute much to begin with other than the ocassional jab at UK politics. My current standings let me run L2 missions and thats about it. Skerrit Boy is a twee worthless right now. Abaddon guys, I promise I’ll get better about logging in and contributing.

The Gonja Sufi is finishing Gallente Industrial V today and then starts in on Spaceship Command IV -V, then Advanced Spaceship Command, then industrial capital ships. I’m within a week of a Obelisk now. I’m contemplating joining up with a freight corp to make the most use out of my Obe. In the mean time, I’ll probably just stick him in Abaddon in order to run ore  around or whatever else those guys need. I know that there is at least one ORCA pilot in the corp, so maybe having a freighter pilot would help with logistics.

Fly safe gentlemen.

Edit: Holy shit. I had a 100+ hits on the 3rd? WTF? Damn spam bots


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