Someone Flooded The Damn Poopdeck

*This is at least two weeks old, but I’m posting because I’m a post whore*

Bleh, someone flooded the damn bathroom at work yesterday. Hundreds of little feces floating around… fantastic right?

Here’s a secret most people won’t tell you about nullsec: The danger isn’t in PvP, the danger is getting sucked into ratting all the time. The BS spawns are absolutely delicious with 1mil isk bounties on nearly every single one, but forces me to warp in and out often since I’m running an arty cane just for the hell of it. I’ve made a good amount of isk off of it, but I’m still waiting for that “omfg I’m making shitloads of isk” moment. So far, being in Goons hasn’t been too amazing. The corp is so large that it is a little hard to get organized other than the occasional “GET IN X SYSTEM ASAP” as a Jabber alert. I’m afraid that it will take quite a while to feel comfortable/find my niche in GW.

I went to the Brewer’s Guild of Indiana Winterfest this weekend and had a great time. The best find of the event was most certainly Flat 12 Bierwerks. The star of the whole festivel was their Dante’s Fiery IPA. It was a very west coast style IPA and was brewed with pepper. It was a very complete IPA. The whole line up is fantastic. It’s very rare (especially with new breweries) to find great beer across the style spectrum. After a short discussion with the head brewer/owner, he invited a friend and I to brew with him at some point. I’m very excite.

Fly safe gentlemen.


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